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Older Wiser Money Miser

Sharing practical observations of life and money in the 21st century.


My story…

Responsible money management is a skill I learned relatively late in life. My issue with money stemmed from my sense of entitlement. “I’ve worked HARD, I DESERVE whatever it is I’m whipping the credit card out for.” I got into a credit card mess that, with the help of a finanacial advisor, I was able to get out of.

Fast forward 20+ years…You would think I had learned my lesson but no, I hadn’t. While I was no longer living beyond my means I was very self-indulgent and wasteful with my money. The day finally came when I decided enough was ENOUGH!

My husband’s impending retirement was the biggest catalyst in my change of attitude. If he was going to retire successfully we HAD to get a handle on our money habits.  I took a good, hard look at what I had been spending, wrote a budget, and cut the waste.

I was a bit ruthless-as my husband would say I was like, “Sherman going through Atlanta!” I fired my housekeeper!! I cancelled my spa membership. I cancelled my magazine subscriptions and started going to the library more. I stopped calling the pizza guy on nights I didn’t feel like cooking. Within 9 months round 2 of consumer debt was all paid off. The feeling of both relief and accomplishment I had when I made the very last payment was pretty overwhelming and I carry that feeling with me whenever I’m tempted to fall back into old, bad habits.

So the moral of the story is this: I learned late, but I learned. It is never too late to develop good money habits that will serve you well in years to come.

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